Why choose high quality branded paints?

Cheaper paints won’t cost you as much as branded paints, but may end up costing you more in the long run.

The paint will fade a lot quicker in time and may also fade away after cleaning. You will not get as good a finish and more coats may need to be applied. In future, the lines could be stopped, so you won’t be able to stock up if you need to re-touch up.

Brands such as Dulux, Johnstones and other branded paints are much thicker and you get a better coverage, the walls are also more durable and wipe able. As with a lot of paints, there is a wide range of colours.
Farrow & Ball does has a very good range of colours with a top quality finsh. A lot of people will go for Farrow & Ball because of the excellent finish and their unique colours. Although it does come at a cost as it doesn’t cover as well or is as durable.

So Dulux or Farrow & Ball? What’s the difference? It depends on whether you want to go for a long-lasting and durable paint (Dulux) or a high quality finish (Farrow & Ball). Both of which are two high quality paints that I highly recommend to my customers.

Dulux has a choice of six different Emulsions including; eggshell, soft sheen, vinyl matt, matt, flat matt, and super matt while Farrow & Ball has a selection of just two, modern and estate.

The choices are yours.

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