Boathouse Reach, Henley on Thames

3 Bedroom town house

We at Anthony’s Decorating decorated all of the exterior to this lovely town house which sits over looking the Thames, where they hold Henley Regatta every year.

There is a lot of moisture in the air so this does get in to the woodwork quicker than normal. For this we used the Dulux weathershield system which is guaranteed for 8 years. Although this is more expensive for labour and materials this will definitely be much more cost effective in the long run. The work we carried out was to all of the masonry work as well as the wood work to all windows, doors , bording and facia.

We had to do lot of preparation around the back, river side. Lots of repairing timber, filling and wood hardener was needed and we also had to get a carpenter round to repair rotten timber.We finished the property by freshening up the garage door and cladding around the back of the house with a dark woodstain by Sadolin.

We had to hire out a cherry picker for the front of the house to be able to get to the very top to do our work. This was a cheaper option than hiring scaffolding. But we did have to hire some scaffolding to the rear of the house as the top half wasn’t reachable with ladders or a cherry picker.